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About Us
dna Pest Control Technologies is a company formed by the experts, who have thorough knowledge of this industry from their direct cumulative field experience of more than ten years their educational qualification which too help to improvise their knowledge in this field.

As per dna Pest Control Technologies for any industry to become successful in their field the major requirements are the knowledge and the field experience. We have both, we are qualified from best universities in the country besides having vast cumulative experience of more than three decades.

Our expertise is our advantage.
"There are two types of Pest Management professionals - The first are driven by their best experiences & passion for the work and the second are motivated by fame & money. The former went under rigorous training for years to improve their skills, while the latter were busy with flashy gimmicks. Eventually, the former become experts and the latter become famous!" "We may not be famous but we are experts"
We Offer
Our array of pest control services encompasses Termite Control Services, Rodent Control, Lizard Control, Fumigation Services, General Pest Control, Insects Control, Bedbugs Control, Cockroaches Control, Bird Control, Vector Control.

We offer efficient and reliable pest control and fumigation services which are executed using pesticides that are approved under the Indian Insecticide Act 1968. Rules 1971 and order 1986.

Our services are characterized by the below mentioned distinct features :
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Executed within the budgetary parameters
  • Time adherence
dna Termite Control
The most familiar termite damage is to the wooden fabric of buildings, Papers & furniture.
dna Cockroach Control
Because Cockroaches are potential mechanical vectors of many diseases and have been...
dna Rodent Control
Rodent Management is must because of two major reasons. 1st the are carriers of...
dna Wood Borer Control
Wood Borers found in untreated or unfinished wood products; larvae bore...
dna Fly control
There are many bacteria and parasites that infest flies and making flies a major factor...
dna Bed Bugs Control
Bed Bugs are cosmopolitan pests, attacking all, whether hygiene plays a role or not.
dna Fumigation Services
Application of any chemical in a gaseous state in a gas tight enclosure to kill insect...
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